Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Good with The Bad

So this weekend, Possum was held 24/7, by loads of people who were often proud to have gotten him to sleep. "Look, I got him to sleep," they'd say. To which I would respond, if only in my selfish heart, "Getting him to sleep in the day is no big trick. You want to take the 3 AM shift?" By the end of the weekend I was insisting that people lay him down if he fell asleep (during the day) because it would wake him up. He LOVES to sleep while being held. Not so much alone in his bed.

And I've spent the last couple days trying to re-train him to sleep alone in his bed. Which is only a foot and a half from my bed so it isn't like he's all alone in the world.

Day one, not a chance.
Yesterday he took one long and a couple of short naps in his bed.
Today he's sleeping in his bed while I type. We'll see how long it lasts.

However, last night Possum technically slept through the night. Midnight to almost six.

Granted, he did it while cozied up to me in my bed.

I'll work on training him to his bed at night once I get enough sleep to not freak out when the clock says it is way past my bedtime and Possum has big eyes every time I have the nerve to lay him in his cradle.

A couple more nights like that one and I'll have to rename Possum. I'm thinking Sock Monkey.

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