Monday, June 18, 2007

Big Shoes to Fill

Today, Princess was repeating, "I'm Grandma!" From my vantage point I had no idea what she was talking about. All I could see was her decked out in her bling (as she would call it: her "bedazzler" birthday girl shirt, sparkely shorts and princess birthday crown.). Nothing Grandma about it.

As I trudged up the driveway, her feet came into view. She was wearing Grandma's shoes.

The kids do that a lot. Strap on a pair of adult shoes and play grown-up. "I'm Mommy!" "I'm Daddy!" "I'm Poppin!" "I'm Granny!" "I'm Gramps!" Yet they don't change one other thing.

I think that whoever it was that started the expression, "He has big shoes to fill" had been watching children.

Happy Birthday baby girl. I have every confidence that you'll fill out those shoes nicely. I'm so proud of you.

(And I'm still so glad I'm not in labor!)

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