Sunday, June 10, 2007


My hard drive crashed. I saw it coming and saved most of my word documents (the writers out there will understand the importance of saving that rubbish), but didn't get my outlook and bookmarks saved quickly enough. I hope I haven't lost everyone. Sigh.

Looks like my blogging will be limited to times when Hubs is home with his computer. Sigh.

Email will be interesting.

So, in short, my life has been majorly altered. You realize how much of your life is lived online when you can't (don't read addicted into there. I've managed).

What I intended to write last week was that though my kids are a L-HA-HA-HA-HA-T of work, it just isn't home without them. When they walked through the door, all big, everything was right again.

Charming didn't think so. He adjusted quite well to his new life, thank you very much. He quite enjoyed being carried in his sling all day (side note: never, no matter how much the sling stinks, I repeat, never, wash a sling once you get it perfect. I hauled the kid all over Pennsylvania in that thing, but couldn't manage a simple Wal-Mart trip once I put it through the washer. Hopefully I'll get it back to fitting again soon), taking naps on mom, seeing her face as soon as he opened his eyes, never having to cry to be picked up, having four women dote on him all his waking hours, nursing from his car seat when he got bored. That was the life. This? NO this is loud and not Charming centric. Bummer for him.

Anyway, I'll get back when I get back. Hopefully sooner than later. Hubs promised me a new hard drive very soon. I hope he defines that the same way I do. Like yesterday....

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