Thursday, July 17, 2008

And One More

From Princess after discovering a void in the silverware drawer where there used to be kid forks and crazy straws:

Princess: "Mom, where did all the stuff go?"

Me: "I put it away."

Dad: "Forever."

Princess: "So it's in the trash?"

Me: "Um, yeah."

Princess: Why?

Me: Because there is too much stuff in this house cluttering up my brain and since you guys won't get rid of anything, I have to do it.

Princess: Your brain needs Space Bags.


mommy4life said...

Gotta love the merchandising tv ads. Sometimes I think they pay more attention to the ads than the programs. I think I need to create PSAs of my own to run during the shows. You know, "Clean your room and get a surprise!!" (Like the pajamas that you haven't worn in 2 months because they've been balled up under the recesses of your bed.)

Valerie said...

LOL!! That's hilarious. The things these kids come up with.