Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Something occurred to me yesterday.

When did I stop feeding myself?

I used to feed myself. I have distinct memories of doing so. Before I married, I ate. It might not have been much: a bowl of instant oatmeal, a sandwich, cereal, hot pockets, something.

Then I got married, and I still fed myself. I would cook more elaborate meals for the two of us, but since Hubs was an engineering student, he was at the lab more than he was at home. I think I ate a lot of cereal then, also. Sometimes I'd make a casserole and feed the entire lab. College students think that anything that doesn't come in a box is fabulous.

We graduated. I began to cook more. At least two meals a day. Granted, Hubs came home for lunch so I was cooking for two. We ate pretty healthy because by then I was trying to get pregnant and I was ever mindful of a potential baby's nutritional needs.

And then I got/had kids. Now, unless someone is here to feed, I don't bother.

There are only about three things I like to eat these days that don't require cooking. If we are out of string cheese, granola bars and grown-up yogurt (Go-Gurt grosses me out), I go without.

It doesn't help that I've felt queasy for so long that I forget what it feels like to want to eat.

(Yes, voyeurs, I have taken a test and there is only one pink line.)

I still think it odd that if my kids are gone, I don't think I need to cook and if Hubs is gone, I don't think I need to cook. I used to cook just for Hubs and considered it a privilege. Now I don't want to deal with the leftovers. He won't eat them and I don't want them. They aren't a cheese stick, you know. Kids ooo-yuck everything anyway, might as well open a box of mac-n-cheese.

I know, that is a terrible attitude.

BTW, I cooked Chicken Cordon Bleu (with white wine cream sauce) last night. It was fabulous. Today, the thought of eating it makes me gag.

Anyway, am I the only one that does this? Skip meals because it is too much of a bother? Or more likely because we burned out on sandwiches and cereal in college?

I think it is very strange. Especially for a person that loves food.


Liz said...

I ate lunch at 11. Now that you mention it, I'm hungry again. PIZZA HOT POCKET TIME!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing quite well feeding myself these days, lol.

I do know how you feel, especially when I was in my first trimester. I felt gross all the time and frankly, food was the furthest thing from my mind. I WANTED to make nice meals, I just couldn't summons the effort to actually do so.

That said, me thinks you need to test again in a few days :).

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Maybe hubs is pregnant and you are having sympathy nausea. Now that I mention it, I think he might be showing. If I hear about him crying over a Hallmark commercial, or complaining of breast tenderness I am calling the tabloids!

mommy4life said...

At least you don't want potato chips and gummi savers.....