Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I Hesitate to Mention This

Someone (I'm not naming names) may (or may not) have to decided that it is (or is not) okay to sleep (dirty word, I know) through the night (define: night? and while we are at it: through).

As The Lizness has mentioned, you don't post those kinds of things on your blog if you wish for them to last, but as that someone may or may not be 16 months old in a few days I'd say it is about stinking time for him to "sleep like a baby" and may (or may not) quit doing said sleeping if he gets word of mom's blog.

Yes, he slept through at eight weeks or so. If by "through" you mean 11-6. And he quit sleeping "through" when he began starting his nights at 7 and mom took pity on his hunger pains. And yes, we did the long weekend cry through wherein he slept through for a week or so before he got a cold and mom took pity on him. And later, at about a year, we did the 10 night cry thorough and got one, maybe two sleep throughs before he decided sleeping was for the birds and mom needed sleep whenever she could take it and if she had to get it with a baby crammed in her armpit, so be it. And just when I decided that this was ridiculous and he couldn't possibly need to nurse every two hours as a 15 months old and when he bit the bejeebers out of me because he grinds his teeth like his papa and wasn't really nursing but pacifying as he slept and on the 15th wake due to bite mom said, never mind, we'll let him cry it.

One long cry.


One night.

And he's sleeping through.

Or not.

But three nights is a pretty decent run, wouldn't you say?

Hey, to a woman who hasn't slept much in something like two years, it is a blamin' miracle.

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Valerie said...

YAY! for! sleep! Just don't tell the baby he has done something great!! My little one is starting to sleep about 6 to 7 hours and I am loving it, I just hope he keeps it up.