Monday, July 14, 2008

Joining the Cult

I was persuaded by the very best babysitter, EVER, and recently married young friend to join facebook because, as she put it, if I didn't join the cult, she wouldn't be very much in contact.

Well, when you put it that way.

So I joined. Not that I know what I'm doing. I searched for her. I asked if we could be friends (does this sound 5th grade to anyone else?). I searched for my brother in law, I asked if we could be friends. She accepted, he did not.

Don't know what to do with that, exactly.

I promptly forgot that I joined facebook. I come back today to four friend requests.

What the hey? How did they know I joined? I wondered. I searched for people all over the planet and found only my babysitter and my brother and I'm far too smart to think these people have lain in wait, searching out my name every ten minutes hoping against hope that I'd join.

Because, let's face it, my life is not that interesting.

And then I figured it out. Sort of. Facebook is like the matchmaker of Fiddler on the Roof. They make matches. I only had to find Mandagrace and they did the rest for me.

I know why the cult is so popular. They make you popular. Hey! You know someone who is popular! Do you know any of their friends? Maybe they'll be friends with you TOO! And no one is going to turn you down if you ask to be their friend. Because they couldn't look you in the eye in church next Sunday. What would people think?

Except, it seems, brothers-in-law who are too cool to be your friend. Even if you are a loser and don't have any other friends. And you make a really cute plea to save you from certain nerd hood. No. We can't help our uncool sister-in-law even if she did stand up for you when you were ten and annoying because she remembered how it was to be ten and annoying to HER big sisters and their boyfriends and that sometimes ten year olds want to be part of the action and interesting and important. We won't mention these long harbored debts, no we won't.

Or maybe he just hasn't been on the net. Possible, but not probable.

Or I searched another guy with the same name, graduating the same year from the same college living in the same city.

That's it. It's the geeky hick sister in law of the very suave New Yorker. Humph. Can't be bothered, too busy wearing black to pay any heed to this pastel friend seeker.

By the way, there are seven of me. One male. And that's just on Facebook. I know that if you google my name some bizarro 50 year old dude living in Florida also shares my name. I don't think he's the male on facebook.

However, our new children's pastor, whom I haven't met, asked me to be her friend. I accepted.

I also noticed that on political affiliation that Facebook doesn't offer "conservative" so I chose "republican" but noticed that many my "friends" got conservative in there somehow.

As if blogger wasn't enough of an addiction. Now I have even more to obsess about.


Madame Creatrix said...

Got your comment - I'm new to this, so if there is a way to post a comment to a comment, let me know. My apologies if my comment about the lilies came off wrong - I love gardening (it's my constantly evolving summertime creation) but always need help figuring out what flowers I have (I got a bunch from the neighbor lady who subsequently moved, leaving me with a bunch of plants I have no clue about how to care for...)

Anyhow, you write wonderfully, and it sounds like you have a great family. Your profile mentions an interest in adoption - have you adopted any of your children? This is something we have considered on and off and would be interested in your insights on the matter.

Nice meetin' you, too!

Anonymous said...

I got an email about two weeks ago from someone asking me to join Facebook to be their friend.

I didn't do it (forgot about it until this post, actually).

I hope they aren't laying awake at night thinking I don't like them.

Okay, off to join Facebook now. Because I need another reason to wonder why I have so few friends.

(Madame - I will give you a brief answer to your question and then Chaos can expand. Her "eldest" is adopted and an awesome kid. He's my AM's very most bestest friend, at least as much as that's possible between seven year old boys.)

mommy4life said...

I joined a while back and admit I can't figure it out.....not to mention "find" friends.....and I don't want the "rejection" of which you speak, inviting others to be my friend and being rebuffed. I had enough of that in junior high......

Chaos-Jamie said...

You just comment on your own post and assuming I subscribe to the feed or whatever, I'd get it. But this works too.

No offense on the lilies. Self-deprecation is my code of honor. For good or ill.

And, yes, as IM said, Eldest is adopted. Adoption is one of my favorite topics and have many opinions if not insights.

Unknown said...

First time I've been here...found you through Mrs. Lemon...had to laugh about Facebook. Watch out for the applications; they will take meaningless hours of your time. Thanks for the laugh!