Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tell Me About It

Tonight I watched The Baby Borrowers, unable to look away. Fascinating.

There was this argument between one of the couples which went something like this:

You haven't done anything all day.

I've worked all day.

I don't care if you've worked all day. I'm tired of taking care of this kid.

Preach it sister.

I watched it while wrangling the Charming infant all my own after wrangling him all day and wrangling him while making dinner and wrangling him while eating dinner wrangling him during the hail storm wrangling him while dragging my computer downstairs when we saw the wall cloud (that wasn't rotating even if there was an updraft).

Could someone else take a turn, please? My back hurts.

This is what comes of teaching a baby that boobs solve all problems. Even when they don't want it, they want it close.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but LOL!!!! Pity his future wife if he believe boobs solve all problems, lol.

I hear you, though. I understand that MotH wants some "down time" when he comes home, but then, uh, when do I get MY down time?

The answer is "I don't". Well I do now, but I didn't used to and I'm sure I won't when this kiddo is born :).

Angi said...

Did you say babies or hubbies? :)

Chaos-Jamie said...

LOL, Angie!