Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Comics

As much as I'd like to link to the cartoon, syndication guidelines dictate that I cannot until two weeks from today at which point I will have forgotten all about today's comic strips. I will, in fact, be thinking about the beach. Like I do every day December through March. But I digress.

Go get your Sunday paper. Do it now. This will mean nothing without it. Now go to Baby Blues. Read it. Go ahead: laugh.

Oh wait, I'm assuming you are female. If you are female, go ahead: laugh.


Now hand it to your husband. Ask him to read it.

He didn't laugh, did he? Did he ask you if that was what you thought was so funny? You actually laughed out loud to that?! Really? That's funny to you?! That's a sad commentary about all that is wrong with parenting!

Women make no sense. Sheesh.

I still say it is funny. Laugh out loud funny.

As is Zits. Which has nothing to do with marriage and everything to do with digi-children and Facebook.

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