Friday, December 04, 2009


Let me just apologize in advance to animal lovers. You will probably not like this post. But it won't change my mind.

On the radio this morning I heard a commercial telling me "that for JUST $50 I could feed ten animals for a WEEK" (how could I not?).

OK, what in the BLOODY (bleep) are they feeding those animals??? Fifty bucks will feed my cat for a MINIMUM of TWO YEARS.

Did you know that for JUST $35, I can feed, clothe AND school a disadvantaged HUMAN child for a MONTH?

Come on people, sponsor an orphan. A HUMAN orphan. Apparently their food necessities are far less picky. Seven cents a meal. Here are just a few of what I perceive to be very worthy options:
Victory Christian Children's Home



Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Alas, it is a shame, but many people care more for animals than humans.I have issues with that.

Sr. Citizen said...

Well said! Now where the heck is that darn coffee cup, not on it's usual place on the ceiling where Mrs Sr. says I always look for other stuff. Sr./