Monday, April 05, 2010

In the continuing saga that is Princess and reproduction II

On Saturday night we went out to a Japanese steakhouse for Hubs' birthday. As you probably know, Japanese steakhouse chefs are paid to be entertaining.

Have I mentioned the fact that Hubs and I prefer not to eat fungus? This is an ongoing source of conversation among our family who think fungus is delicious. Fungus was on the grill and as such beget the conversation....again. The chef listened to the conversation and threw in his two bits (loudly):


I forgot to mention that there were SIX children around the table.

Princess, who misses NOTHING, turns to me and asks (loudly) "what's sexii?" To which I respond, "That will have to be something I tell you about later." To which she responded, "Is it disgusting?" To which I responded, "To someone your age? YES."

Did that put an end to it? NO. Now she's going around telling people that "I think I know what sensi is. It's gross."

Thank goodness she's forgotten the correct pronunciation. 


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

You can always try to convince her that "sensi" is a type of japanese mushroom. Actually, Sensi is also a fragrance by Georgio Armani.

I'm not a mushroom person either. I have a hard time eating the cousin of athlete's foot.

Senior Citizen said...

Good luck - Princess is way to bright to bite into any bull wafers. IF - I mean when, she brings it up. just ask her if she really wants the truth now, or if she would rather just wait until she is a little older.

I this blows up, please blame my insanity on a lost coffee cup. Where the heck is it today. Mrs. Sr probably hid it in the dishwasher again. Rats = darn cup

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. AM asked me what "sexii" meant the other day too.