Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gooooood Morning Tel Aviv! (March 14)

Jet lag is a hard task master. After traveling all day Saturday, flying all night and through the day Sunday, we crawled off the plane to discover that we wouldn't see the light of Sunday from outside our double decker jet...even though our flight was only 12 hours. 12+7 time zones = all day. But did exhaustion stop us from consuming vast amounts of food? No. Did it stop us from walking to the Mediterranean Sea? No. Do I have photos to prove this? Um, no. But as I said, jet lag. Which in this case is jet accel. Bed by 9, up by 4:30. Brent went for a run, I did a bit of my Daniel study and then we went to the beach for the "sunrise." Which is moot considering sunrise happens over high rises and therefore is invisible. The good news is that we expected this. I know where Orion is, and it is decidedly in the west and I found him the night before sitting over the sea.

Watching Israel wake up is lovely whether or not you get a sunrise. Old men in speedos going for their frigid morning dip in the sea. Sand that has been graded so as to not be hardened sand dunes. Husbands and high hopes for the coming days.

Note puffy faces. Remember it is in the five o'clock hour and we've been traveling for two days.

Freshly tilled sand every morning

Puffy Face

I spared you the old man in a speedo.

Our illustrious hotel, the Metropolitan. With our bus in the foreground.

Typical Tel Aviv. Unfinished buildings, wall art, scary traffic....or what will be in a couple hours.
Next up: Caesarea Maritima, when my four-year-old will allow. And yes, I do intend to document pretty much most of my last two weeks, so if you are bored out of your mind, you might not want to check back in for a while. My humblest apologies.

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I was never bored. I'll be back :)