Friday, August 19, 2011

Where I Am

I am singularly amazed at how uplifting it is to an email that says, "Your form has been received," or "113 cm, 44 lbs, 46 cm." I got both today.

Translation: bureaucracy is being accomplished and my daughter has grown.  

Now, I could choose to be downcast about these two emails and I may yet, but for now I will ignore the fact that due to bureaucracy, my daughter is growing where I can't watch and celebrate the fact that my daughter is GROWING while we wait for government to do its job.

My dossier is being authenticated. My Application for Advance Processing of Orphan has been forwarded. My grant applications.....keep refusing to be submitted which my husband translates to "we aren't supposed to do that." We are in Wait Mode. And school starts next week, which is causing me no small amount of anxiety.

I find myself humming the Christmas in Africa song because, Lord willing, I will experience it.

And come away changed.

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S said...

"Peace that surpasses all understanding!" Love you so much!