Friday, November 04, 2011

Expectation Failure

The last time I was this addicted to my email inbox and my ringing phone, I was waiting for a rejection for my novel.

The phone could ring any day with news of my impending visit to Africa.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to plan for a trip that will likely occur over the holidays without knowing when or if it actually will occur?

I spent hours on the phone yesterday trying to set things up. Doctor's appointments that have to happen before December 11, but no earlier than December 11, with a Doctor who works 2.5 hours from my current location. And visits to my sponsored child who lives in a country that celebrates Christmas on January 27 (but the organization's workers still celebrate on December 25 and close their offices "the second half of the month of December and the early part January."

I woke yesterday in a cold sweat wondering if I would still get Christmas cards from people if I don't send them this year, considering I sent none last year, either. And then I remembered that most people don't even know my address, so of course I won't get any cards unless I send them. And is TODAY too early to send cards if I am indeed going to be out of the country next month? And if I do send them today and DON'T get a date next month, will I feel dumb?

And DARN IT, why won't that phone ring?

My sister moved half a continent away today. And I've got a cry headache and an inability to contain my tears. And a good friend's marriage fell apart and things just keep getting worse. And I could just use some good news.

And DARN IT, why won't that phone ring?

Except when it does it is stinkin' Directv. As if I care.

So, I'm having a Pixar day.

FYI, Cars 2 makes me want to go to Italy guilt free and Toy Story 2 had a preview for Toy Story 3 which made me cry.

I need some Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and a spoon. Which reminds me of another story. Today when I asked Charming if we should make some cookies this afternoon, he informed me that he brought two cookies home from Grandma's yesterday, one for me and one for Daddy.


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Sara Major said...

Okay - first of all, I won't be calling you anytime soon because I hate that "oh, it's you" rejection in people's voices!!!! And I don't want you to twist an ankle while running to the phone. And second, I will pray for all the little and big details to pan out and for you to be on an airplane before the end of 2011!!!