Monday, November 07, 2011

Waiting Purgatory Stolen Excerpt

Friends, I want you to read this.

But because it is a novel, I'll just ask you to read the first half. (The half that begins after the Halloween costume leader.)

And for those of you that won't do that, either, I give you this, completely plagiarized excerpt from Jen Hatmaker's blog in the hopes that it will whet your appetite to AT LEAST read the first half. :)

Jen, if you google yourself and discover I have plagiarized have no excuses. It just needed to be re-posted.

Your friends are adopting. They’re in the middle of dossiers and home studies, and most of them are somewhere in the middle of Waiting Purgatory. Please let me explain something about WP: It sucks in every way. Oh sure, we try to make it sound better than it feels by using phrases like “We’re trusting in God’s plan” and “God is refining me” and “Sovereignty trumps my feelings” and crazy bidness like that. But we are crying and aching and getting angry and going bonkers when you’re not watching. It’s hard. It hurts. It feels like an eternity even though you can see that it is not. It is harder for us to see that, because many of us have pictures on our refrigerators of these beautiful darlings stuck in an orphanage somewhere while we’re bogged down in bureaucracy and delays.--Jen Hatmaker

And, yep, that about sums it up. Except, of course, the REST of the post.

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