Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Memory Triggers

One of the things I love about being "home" are the memory triggers.

It's also one of the things I hate about being home, but we're not going there today.

Today as I was driving over to have coffee with my parents I glanced at a street sign which also happens to be the street Brent lived on when we were in high school. It was almost humorous, the rush of feelings that followed my viewing of that street sign.

Sometimes, and I know this is a surprise for you, after fifteen years of marriage you start to take the presence of your beloved for granted. Kisses aren't savored and are sometimes given begrudgingly.

I remembered this morning how giddy it used to make me to just be in his presence. How I would ponder kisses and think about the next one. It made me eager to come home and have lunch with my husband, whom I get to have lunch with every day and also who, as often as not, gets the brunt of my irritation for that. (You want to eat AGAIN? Can't you make your own lunch once?)

Today I will savor a kiss with lunch. And attempt to be giddy about cooking for him. ;) Maybe I'll even play Our Song. As if we could hear it over Mario Cart.

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The Brew Crew said...

Needed to be reminded of this. Maybe I'll break out Bryan Adams' "I'd Die for You." :)