Monday, August 20, 2012

Right Where I Belong

Less than two hours after I typed my last post, my phone rang with one of those calls you don't like to get. Let's face it, phone rings at 2 AM, no good will come of it.

And before I get too overly dramatic, I'll preface this with: she's OK, and I haven't slept.

I discovered, at 3:30 in the morning, as my dad and I followed a speeding ambulance carrying my mother across the prairie to the ICU, that though I don't fit, I'm right where I belong.

In other news, after watching 12 hours of the food network on mute while waiting for that elusive Dr visit, I came to another conclusion: food network food, though it looks amazing, is far too time consuming for the larger family. Putting that much effort into four servings might be worth it. I'm relatively certain that instead of 3/4 of my waking hours in the kitchen, it would be all of them. Sorry kids. It's foodie or mommy. Since you don't eat any of my exotic foods anyway, I guess I'll throw some burgers on. The birds' nest spaghetti with moz balls just isn't gonna happen.

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