Friday, August 10, 2012


mom wised up.
Princess discovered the box, pawed through it, dusted the stairs, recovered her stuff.
Eldest discovered it. Cleaned the microwave. And then figured out he had nothing in it.
Frodo discovered it and his shoes within. Laughed. Unloaded the dishwasher. Pointed it out to Charming, who did the following:

Then broomed the kitchen to recover his precious emergency kit.
Iris discovered the entire remaining contents were hers. Lay on the couch in a full on pout for an hour. Did the littlest mediocre chore she could find (carry down laundry) and recovered her money. Left the rest. Decided this morning I really meant it and broomed the dining room. Recovered her balloon that popped. Not sure what else is left.

It might wear out, but for now, I'm thrilled.


MotherT said...

THAT is a marvelous idea! I assume for each chore completed they recover one item??

Chaos-Jamie said...

yup! And I stole the idea. It isn't mine.

K said...

really? he loves an emergency kit? is there a story here i missed? great idea, by the way!

Chaos-Jamie said...

There is a story, Kim. But not an interesting one. He found the kit in the car and asked if he could have it. Since I thought it would wear off in about 0,3 seconds and it was out of everything useful unless we are trapped in a snowstorm and bleeding profusely, I told him yes. He's wanted to be a doctor ever since. It goes everywhere with him.

Anonymous said...

As busy as I am these days, I happen to read your blog with a perfect idea... LOVE IT!!
I'm going to Target in the morning!! Your a genius!!

Love Ya,
Sherrie :)