Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hazardous Duty

I read a great book this afternoon. Not finished, not started, read. Cover to cover.

Okay, yes, I am also snowed in, but still. It's nice to read something that is just plain fun for once. So in case you are inclined to do so, I recommend you pick up Hazardous Duty by Christy Barritt.

It's kind of chick-litty, kinda romantic suspense, whole lotta easy to read sassy.

As typical suspense goes, you'll spend some time telling her "don't go in there!" I'm chicken. I don't go to the grocery store alone at night. Well, not often, anyway.

As good suspense goes, you'll try to make everyone the bad guy at some point, but you only figure it out for sure about a coupla chapter before the reveal. I hate suspense where it is so obvious half a book through who the bad guy is, but they don't get there because there is a word count problem....

Okay, maybe I should have guessed sooner, but I didn't and I consider myself pretty decent at these things.

My two eyebrow raisings took place at the possible deathbed conversion (which was nicely rectified moments later) and that the fact that Einstein was a Christian was raised. I knew he was Jewish...Hubs says he definately believed in God (but can't even back me on the Jewish thing)...but this was a first that someone definitvely called him a Christian. I'm not saying he wasn't, just that it was the first time I'd heard that.

Oh, and the protag is a scientist. You have to know that I'm a sucker for that kind of thing. How many times have I said in my life, "Put me alone in a room with a microscope and I'll be's the people in life that wear me out." If she weren't such a daredevil, I think we could be friends.

That and she likes iced lattes.

Anyway, you want a fun read. Go here:

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