Monday, November 20, 2006

Vile Creatures

Has anyone ever had an infestation of brown crickets? Is there anything that can possibly be done to rid my home of them?

They have these teeny bodies and gigontomous legs and they climb the wall and they are wrethched and vile and I hate them.

For a while we just had a few. But now I think a nest of eggs must have hatched because they are everywhere.

They used to stay in my basement, but they've made it up to the third story.

Did I mention they climb walls and are wretched and vile cretures?

What do they eat?

I've sprayed.

I am at a loss.

But I carry a shoe with me everywhere I go.

Oh, and they are cannibles. If I leave the carcas, I am assured to find another vile creature feasting when I come back.


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Anonymous said...

Did you check on line for ideas? I keyed in "getting rid of crickets in the home naturally". Came up with mixing molasses and vanilla in a jar and the little things are attracted to it and drown. I would guess you would mix it with a little water. Anyway, give it a try. With your little ones, I'd try something not harmful. I heard that ants will eat yeast----and explode. Don't know about crickets. This all sounds awfully mean, but I feel like you do. Invasions of vile creatures are torture!! Good luck.