Friday, November 17, 2006

Scared, but Polite

My three-year-old, Frodo, wanted to wear his Tigger costume today. It is a furry, pull-over vest type thing with a head that is a huge hood and his face peeks out the mouth. I got him all dressed, quite relieved that he wanted to wear anything that WASN'T pajamas. He clomped over to the mirror and announced, "I look redic-ul-lous."

He says the darndest things.

Last night he awakened, as he has done several times lately, terrified. Hubs went up to him and he apparently asked for me. I met them halfway and tried to take him, but he wouldn't move from Daddy's arms to mine so I kinda hugged him over Hub's back. He continued to scream and I eventually asked if he wanted me to rock him.


In his terror he screamed it. It still makes me giggle. I know it probably shouldn't, but you just have to picture this kid who isn't even really responding to anything, suddenly hears what he wants and screams his confirmation. Not just yes, but yes, thank you.

He settled right down.

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