Sunday, November 11, 2007

A Blog Rename

I'm considering a new name for my blog.

"A Prison Without Walls--yet another journey through post-partum depression."

I know I'm whiny and cranky and frustrating. I should be thankful and happy and content. But knowing and doing ain't happening. I can't decide if I should fake my way though the blog days or be gut honest and lose what little audience I have. What I do know it that I'm becoming so resentful and ugly that I feel like I'm turning absolutely black inside. I know this is a problem. I know that what I need to do is get out and go to bible study and meet with women mentors. The problem is that I am absolutely chained to my home. You can't see the chains, but they are there. And if I leave I still have to take them with me and I'm even more frustrated that if I never left at all.

And this was a good day.

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