Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On Saturday

I'll tell you about The Other Daughter, the book I'm reading this week. Currently I'm at the part where they are dealing with the foster care system...whom I have a meeting with this afternoon. Yipes!

But just in case you are interested in reading about The Other Daughter before this weekend, you can see what other people think by following some of these links this week.

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8th Christa Allan---CBAllan WordPress

9th Susan Marlow---Suzy Scribbles---Homeschool Blogger

11th Cindy Bauer----Christian Fiction Author & Speaker

12th Angie Breidenbach---God Uses Broken Vessels

13th Patricia Carroll---Patricia PacJac Carroll

14th Toni V. Lee---Spreading Truth Through Fiction

15th Camille Eide---Faith Inspiring Fiction

16th Lisa Jordan---Musings

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Miralee Ferrell said...

Hi there! I'm so tickled you've taken the time to start reading my book already and am excited to see what you think. Thank you for taking part in my blog tour, and I hope your readers will jump in and leave a comment so they'll be entered in the drawing for a signed book. Blessings, Miralee