Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I have now figured out the target age group for infomercials.

Six and eight year olds.

My kids' entire dinnertime conversation revolved around the "dual saw." It apparently has two blades (thus the duo), can cut both directions, can cut a car in half, is light, firemen use it to get dead people out of cars (and then she woke up!), and is only $10 (you mean four easy payments of $10? No, only $10), and you can use it free for 14 days.

How long did you watch this commercial?

About 20 minutes.

And a lady built a dog house in only one day. It was, like, the size of this table.

And now you know what the kids do while Mom takes a much needed nap. And FYI, I gave them permission to watch Noggin or PBS. They chose PBS. Wherein they advertised the Dual Saw.


Anonymous said...

If Asher asks me to buy him that mini-hamburger maker ONE. MORE. TIME., I'm disconnecting cable.

I mean it! No really, I mean it THIS TIME!

Lynette said...

The dual saw rocks! But it's 3 easy payments of $49...LOL...

Kristin keeps telling me I need a Buxton organizer. She's also told me all about Mighty Putty.

Lynette said...

Oh, and disconnecting cable only makes the problem worse. They love Qubo, which is an Ion channel, and they are full of infomercials.

Chaos-Jamie said...

my kids started in on the burger maker this morning.

I'd throw that miserable TV out the window if my Princess wasn't puking. What do you do with a pukey kid on a summer day?

mommy4life said...

Infomercials are the bane of my existence! If my daughter asks if I want the stupid hair remover buffer one more time.....

I'm not surprised that the boys were enchanted by the saw, they are boys after all. ;-)