Thursday, July 30, 2009

There's a Pox Upon Our House

I have two relative contractors in my home. One a live in.

Two and a half out of three bathrooms are out of commission.

I have 1500 square feet of home decor/crap crammed into about 600 square feet.

While hanging sheetrock, they hit a copper pipe in the ceiling.

Our dry basement is again wet.

Make that three out of three bathrooms are out of commission.

The plumber was "overpriced" and sent away.

His replacement can't get here until 2.

Which means 4:30, I'm sure.

There is a tile saw screaming as I type.

Hubs is working from home today in 100 of my 600 available square feet of living space.

It looks like it might rain.

And Charming has Chicken Pox.

I have to admit, I'm having a hard time being thankful in all things today.


in a word said...

Now you're talking! I had to laugh at that comment you put on my blog. I didn't even know you had one! I will also talk to you at church now. What's this Sitemeter you speak of? I use feedburner and it stinks. Gives me no information about the 72 people that read one post and never returned. Pretty sure at that time, none of the people were from church.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I don't talk up the blog much these days. I don't write on it as consistently as I used to and I whine more. Who wants to send people to that?

If you scroll down to the bottom of the blog, there should be a sitemeter button that will take you to my stats...but also to the site where you can get one of your own. I know computer savvy people who can really tell exactly who is looking in on the blog. The best I can tell is that 90% of my visitors are in Lenexa or OP and therefore must be from church. Thus my comment. ;)

And once you comment, you are off the hook for actually talking to me if you don't want to. My online persona is much more interesting. Besides, I'm a bit of an introvert and don't do small talk very well. But I try as long as my crutch husband or someone else gifted in the gab is around to keep the convo going.