Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Charming is oozing in cuteness this morning. He's putting together a "Tonning" puzzle (Thomas the Tank Engine). On this puzzle is a "welicoper" (that would be Harold the helicopter) and "the Hat" (Sir Topham Hat). He just told Eldest, "I'm your whacker" (which means he pounds the puzzle piece in once Eldest puts it where it goes because they are boys and can't do anything gently).

They are now working on another puzzle, "Not Tonning. Normal choo-choo."

He came busting into our room this morning yelling, "all done night-night."

A minute ago, he was bringing me peg puzzle pieces, telling me what they are including "boat." I asked, "Is there anything you don't know the word for?" His daddy said, "No, Mama." And I said, "viscosity." And he said, "choo-choo."


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