Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sweet Waters by Julie Carobini

My blog pal, Julie Carobini, can always be counted on for a good "beach read" so you can imagine my puzzlement when her latest book started in....Missouri? (And what's with that, anyway, Jules? At least spring for Kansas if you're gonna go for land-locked hick-chick, huh? Wait, never mind.)

Thankfully, by chapter four we were winging our way to the ocean. Otter Bay, CA, in fact. Not that I have a CLUE where that is in the whole scheme of CA (guessing north of LA and south of Oregon), but now I want to visit. So for all you land locked souls, and those just hankering for some beach, here's a great little read for ya.

(back cover copy)
What happens when the fairy tale turns out to be a soap opera?

Tara Sweet is nothing if not sensible. Usually. But her engagement is off, and her mother--yes, mother--is newly married and gallivanting around Europe. It's time for a change. So she convinces her sisters to honor their father's final wish and rediscover the fairy-tale life they knew in Otter Bay, California. But Tara discovers fairy tales are fragile--and truth is often one ugly layer after another of secrets, accusation, rumor, and a past an entire church wants to forget.

Firefighter Josh Adams knows all about battling personal demons. He's been doing so ever since a woman nearly died in his arms. Actually, long before...

As the turbulence in their lives grows, Tara and Josh find themselves at odds with their families, their faith, the townspeople of Otter Bay--and each other. Only in facing the lies from the past can they find the truth.

And only in finding the truth can they be set free.

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