Tuesday, August 04, 2009

TV News

In an interesting turn of events this morning, we had a power outage.

It takes quite a storm to out our power, considering the lines are buried.

When the power came on, our TV that has been on it's last legs for the entire summer (see previous post that I am too lazy to link to regarding Charming Windexing the TV to death and the resulting disagreement about what type of TV to replace it with--the free one in the basement that Hubs refuses to carry up or a brand spankin' new one from the local mega mart and not a small one, either, oh, no.) decided to work.

So, the interesting turn of events was not the power outage, it was that a power surge fixed the broken TV.

Never in a million years.

So, anyway, I'm off to the beach while my husband stays home and works his butt off. I'll catch you on the flip side.


Liz said...

My next tv will be a flatscreen to mount on the wall - ours is an old one that we only drag out of the closet when we want to watch a movie with excessive cussing - we have a dvd player with the cuss guard.

I just don't like it in the way on a daily basis.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

Perhaps it was like Frankenstein's monster. It needed a jolt of electricity to bring it to life.
"Look, Igor, It lives. IT LIVES!!"

Sr. Citizen said...

It was very kind of you to mention that hubby will be sweating it out all alone while you are going to the beach. It will be interesting to see your next post about Chaos In the Sky with 4 of Hubbys little clones (partially untrained for flying) You should have taken my Daddy be Nice Pills with you. Anyway - have a really nice semi get away. Sr

PS: our tv thinks it is a part time device. The antianna and it don't have a clue how to work together. The gov. inspired translator box seems to be an ethopian idiot when it is awake.


Cool phenomenon about your TV! I had a very fancy coffee pot once. It would grind beans on an alarm clock setting, and automatically shoot them into the coffee filter, and make a pot of fresh coffee. Then a lightning strike blew it and our TV. Who thinks about putting a coffee pot on a surge protector?

I was viewing your profile today when I saw you had Peace Like A River as one of your favorite books. Me too! Wasn't it great?

Sr. Citizen said...

Mr Orange. Coffee pot wonders. I have a new coffee pot that makes wonderful coffee. No timers, no gadget - only an off on switch. Wonderful coffee, sorry to say it is almost impossible to get the coffee into a mug (keeps my hands warm) without making a mess all over. Anybody know of a brewer that doesn't leak when you pour? Sr.