Monday, March 22, 2010

In the Quiet

Sometimes silent blogs are due to Spring Break and sometimes silent blogs are due to overactivity. Sometimes silent blogs are due to stress and turmoil and sometimes silent blogs are due to contentment with the world.

My enter key isn't working. Very annoying.

I've just come off a week of great turmoil. I feel guilty even talking about the turmoil, because it's all "out there" stuff. Nothing that impacts my day to day (as Hubs would say), but that still burdens my mind in waking hours and sleep. An unexpected death of a close friend, poor choices by people I care about, (wondering if those poor choices had something to do with the way I've modeled a particular component of life--IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU, JAMIE), people in my family in great transition (abandonment issues, again, not all about me, but still).  It's like everytime I recover from one blow, the next one comes.

It's been hard to be nice.

So my quiet is just that. Quiet. Processing turmoil. Reconnecting to a God that I've communicated with on a daily basis, but I've done most of the communicating ifyouknowwhatImean. He's reminding me how very big he is and that none of this came as any big surprise to Him. Which is handy since I feel shaken to the core.

So, yeah, it's quiet here on Chaos because my brain is too loud right now to even type coherent sentences.

Hope you are still here when I'm on the flip side.