Thursday, March 11, 2010

Leaving Hurryville

Leaving Hurryville

(Comments From a Former Resident)

by Frankie D. Sherman

A big concern of Christian women is the epidemic of shallow relationships among women. In an age when broken marriages, moral decline, and unbelievable heartache are frighteningly high, our God-given support system is lacking.      

What happened? Why do we know more people than ever before, yet know very little about each other? Why do we know more about the latest celebrity break-up, yet very little about the young woman in our church going through her own divorce?
Unfortunately, we live in Hurryville. Hurry and get the kids to school. Hurry and get to work. Hurry to Bible study. Hurry to the ball field. Hurry! Girl Hurry! In this “hurry up, see you later” world we don’t take the time to invest in relationships like the generations before us did. Our busy lives leave very little time to invest in meaningful relationships.
Because of this, we are suffering. We miss wonderful opportunities to reach others for Christ and to strengthen others in the body of Christ.
How about you and I change the busyness in our circle of influence by adjusting our schedules and priorities? We can start right now to focus on the relationships in our circle of influence as the nurturing women God designed us to be.
Becoming a better friend is something believers should focus on, because it can impact the world for the Christ.

So where do we begin?
  • Leave Hurryville-without a forwarding address! It’s a choice and a hard one. But God is faithful and he will help you with this lifestyle change.
  • Pray, and read God Word.
  • Schedule time with friends; ask them how they are and what’s up in their life.
  • Engage in meaningful conversation about them and how the Lord is working in their life.
  • Leave the cell phone turned off during your time together.
  • Share good books, good tips, good information and good food.
If your friend is a single mom, widow, health issue, or has problems at home, always be sensitive to her needs or situation. You are not “the solution” but you can show her you care through your friendship. God will provide the wisdom concerning boundaries and blessings.
I left Hurryville, many years ago. Sometimes my old nature tries to pull me back. But I learned the value of meaningful friendships and Hurryville doesn’t compare. Should you decide to leave Hurryville too let me know. We can sit on the porch and enjoy chat together.
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About the author:
Frankie Sherman is a national speaker, comedian, and Bible teacher for conferences, retreats, and women's events. She fell in love with Jesus at Vacation Bible School and takes every opportunity to tell others about the joy of being alive in Christ. She is a former choreographer for the Georgia Peach Bowl and the Florida Citrus Bowl Halftime Show. Her specialty is in theater musical/productions. Her first Bible Study, Why We Need Girlfriends is based on the relationship of Mary and Elizabeth, from Luke's gospel. Two women brought together by extraordinary circumstances by an extraordinary God. Frankie is from South Carolina—loves sweet tea, BIG hair and her grand-girls. She believes there will never be another Elvis. And knows that her Jesus will return for her soon.

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Sr. Citizen said...

Hurry up and wait. Going green. What the Army teaches about this. Going green turns the stomach of any Vet who has pulled KP ( Kitchen Duty ) and the nasty green fatigues we wore. Hate - no dislike Green, so all the hoop law on going green strikes OOO on me. I built energy effecient houses 30 years ago that beat anything offered now. "Old Senior Bragging"

Hurry up and wait. Pure Army. I see it in my mind every time I see folks rocketing around to get somewhere and then go bazerk waiting - waiting - waiting.

Mrs Senior just reminded me again a couple of weeks ago that the older folks, especially women, that they are commanded by the bible to teach the younger folks to slow down and enjoy your life. If you have to much to get done, cut out a little of all of it. Not just one thing unless you know for sure it is destroying you marriage and life.

So, quit laughing and grinding your teeth at the old folks, stop and get to know them. They just might be glad to help and teach.

Now, where did that darn coffee cup go to hide? It's not on the ceiling or the back of the library seat - Bet Mrs Sr. hid it in the dishwasher again. Sneakey, sneeaakkeeyy. Sr.