Thursday, March 04, 2010

Spring Fever?

A few weeks ago, Charming's Grandma showed up and surprised the kids with a night at a local hotel where they could swim to their little hearts' content. (She surprised the parents with a night off!)

Since they returned from the hotel, you can't get Charming out of a swimsuit. I peel one grody one off his body (usually AFTER a bath... you read that right) and replace it with another. He wears a swimsuit to bed. He wears one to basketball games, he wears one to gymnastics. He has one under his pants, right now. He is at the ready should anyone show up to take him swimming.

Somebody forgot to tell him that there is still SNOW in our front yard, as there has been since DECEMBER 24th. Swimming, it ain't gonna happen for a L-O-N-G while.

My child has the faith of a champ.

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