Thursday, August 05, 2010

decisions, decisions

Today, shortly after I merged onto the interstate, I decided to quit hating my new, nondescript silver minivan (Stepford, here I come).

It goes like this: I came around the shamrock loop and gunned it as I always do. Long about the time the old, cheap, purple minivan would be hitting 35 and the semi behind me would be slamming his brakes and trying to change lanes so as to not kiss my rear end, my new, nondescript silver minivan (Stepford here I come) was cruising along, shooting past seventy. There's no wind noise to speak of and my kids don't have to yell from the back seat to be heard....even when the radio is on. I don't have to baby it and I don't really fear it konking out on me Any Moment, so I can even venture out of the right lane.

So there you go.

I did lose it tonight in the parking lot at the gym. Thank goodness I parked at the far back edge and there were mostly cars in the general vicinity so I didn't have to embarass myself by trying the locks on several before making it to mine.

Must go buy KU window stickers.


Senior Citizen said...

This may sound cocky - arrogant - even whatever, but my old tan Olds 88 - 1999 version with 176,000 miles has a key with a black plastic thing - just press the right button and the car starts honking - press it again and it stops. If I'm in doubt, press the picture of the trunk - it jumps up and waves at me.

Now if I could just get a black plastic gizmo on my coffee cup so I could find it. My neck gets really cramped looking at the ceiling in all the rooms - even the basement. Wish Mrs Sr. would quit hiding it - bet she's been feeding her mothers cat with it. BUT that is a story for another time, I just need a coffee fix now. Sr. Citizen

Mrs. D said...

Glad to see you've come to terms with your shiny new van...and I'm glad I'm not the only who loses my car in the parking lot.