Sunday, August 29, 2010

What I Hate About Yoga

I can do this. It is called Bird of Paradise. I completed and held the pose for the first time yesterday morning. I've managed to hold it a time or two with a bent top leg. I have even kicked my leg up when I got good and stable with the bent leg. But I HELD it Saturday.

FYI, this isn't me, as you will soon see. It's this lady.

I was dang excited, let me tell you. It takes some serious core and leg strength to hold your leg in the air like that. I didn't expect to be able to do so for months yet.

But here's the thing about Yoga. At least at the level where I am. They get you all warm and limber, strengthened, focused, (fatigued--sssh, did I say that?) and then put you in balance poses. First the legs, and then the arms. And then they cool you down with a little core work, some inversions, a shoulder stand and savasana. And you limp out of the room all relaxed and cool and relieved to have survived another day.

And go home and can't prove to ANYONE what you know you did just minutes prior.

Can't be replicated.

This is why I must go to school to become and instructor so that I can work myself into a sweaty, limber, focused, tizzy and show off.

(NOT show off at class. To my Beloved. And maybe my parents. I know Yoga is about inner balance and all that jazz and isn't about showing off. I know this. I do. I DO!)

By the way, I did this too:

Again, not me. Her. And not half so well, I'm sure.

Not that I'd be able to show you.

Besides, I have inner peace. I don't need to show you. Or brag. At ALL.



Mrs. D said...

I don't believe you. Gonna need a demo next time I see you...

Senior Citizen said...

Hey! I can sit on my hands too, as long as I don't get off the couch. But, it really gets in my way of searching for that darn coffee cup. She (Mrs. Sr.) must have hid it in a light fixture on the ceiling - but which one? Sr/

Ooo - I did see her doing that yoga thing - right in my living room. So believe it ya all. Sr.