Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hubs and I watch a TV show called "Parenthood" which, though is about parenthood, it's also about being married, being a sibling, being an adult child, relationships, parenting adult children, parenting preschoolers, parenting special needs, parenting.....thus the name. But there's this character who is far too like me for my comfort.

My poor children.

She catastrophizes. In every situation, her mind goes forward in time until she finds the catastrophe.

That's me.

Five-thirty this morning I Can. Not. Sleep. Why? Because my house is on the market. We have two showings today. How am I going to get the house ready? What if someone wants it? What if we have to MOVE? What if I don't want to move? Oh CRAP! We have showings starting at 11:15, but what if the phone rings and someone wants to see the house before that???! We're going on a mini vacation with friends soon. What will I wear? When will I pack? How are my parents going to handle the kids? What if someone wants to see my house while I'm packing? What if something happens to us? What if something happens to the kids? What if the world ends? If the world ends, where do I want to be living? We should move. What if no one ever wants our house? What if we have to give the house away in order to move? Crap! What if we can't get a loan?

It is now 5:31.

Guess I'll get up and make some coffee.

Welcome to my inner world.


Senior Citizen said...

5 AM - welcome to the senior citizen world. Difference is, most days, it's not the thinking brain waves doing the calling to wake up, it's the big Bladddderrr - to much water in the evening. It tends to be very slippery - going through in jet speed time - just in time to wake us up at 5 AM.

O well, I'll just make some coffee and hope I can find that darn coffee cup - I know she hid it in the basement - saw it myself. Only thing is I can't get down the darn steps. Hee Hee - saved my mickeys plastic cup - IF she didn't hid it tooooo. Darn. Sr.

Melinda said...

I watched the show Parenthood (and like it enough to remember when it was on) but love that you have now gave me a word for what I do! For I to have been a catastrophizer my entire life. The up side is I figure I will always be prepared when a catastrophy hits.