Friday, September 03, 2010

The Internal Debate

There's a really great sale going on today.
I need nothing.
But everything's half off today!
No one needs anything.
But I ALWAYS find something at this sale.
I need nothing.
Their girl clothes are always so cuuuute.
Princess needs nothing.
Maybe I could find some shoes for the kids.
They don't need shoes.
Oh, and the toys! I forgot the toys!
You confiscated all the kids' toys when you put the house on the market.
Maybe THIS time there will be a really great stroller.
Really? Charming doesn't ride in strollers. Never really has.
Eldest needs clothes.
They never have anything for him.
Maybe I could find something for me. They have those teen clothes now.
You don't need anything either. And let's remember you are no longer a teen.
If Charming gives even a hint of distress at going home, I'll go to the sale.
Well, maybe he'll want to go out later.

Guess I'll clean house.

1 comment:

Senior Citizen said...

Yes, this is a lifelong debate ? I have a coffee cup, so I don't need one. I can afford to buy a new one, but why? I have a perfectly good one except for one little thing - a lot of the time I can's see or find it. My old folks thought is that Mrs. Senior is careful at least twice a week to make it invisible to keep my brain cells working and not focillaze sp, turn to cement - or whatever. Good think (thing) she is a really Good Looking Woman. (glw) At least my eyes are still working - I hope.

Funny thing about all this is that It's my job to have fresh roasted and brewed coffee ready to pour as soon as she gets in front of the mirror every morning - yep, that's mostly my only job - up to then. O - it's best if my eyes sparkle a little when I tell her my new found secret about the glw thing.

So why is the coffee cup such a mystery. Sr.