Monday, September 06, 2010


We've been in a lot of flux around here ever since we discovered that just because God said "go," it didn't mean our house would sell quickly. Which, of course, has led us to question whether God has said anything, or if we've just heard the echoes of our own desires.

Lots of questions.

Lots of searching.

Some answers.

I have to be continually reminded, as the Israelites were, of what God has done for us.

Yesterday's sermon was a good one. In it, he said something along the lines of "You need to be careful to not follow your own plans and THEN asking God to bless them." This has been one of our concerns. What if all this waiting has been God saving us from our own foolishness. But then I have to remind myself of what I DO know. And what I KNOW is that God told me we are going "home" at the time he has set for us to go. (not a second sooner)

Man, it would be nice to know what that time was so that we could pull up the sign if it isn't for a while.

And it would be nice to know for sure that home is home and that we haven't just gone through all this in order to be willing to GO elsewhere.

Lots of stress.

And THAT wasn't even the point of this post.

So, while Hubs and I were on the back deck enjoying the weather yesterday we were discussing my preoccupation with moving to Hawaii. Or somewhere else. But mostly Hawaii.

I always hunger for the last vacation I went on. Doesn't matter where.

So we were discussing my craving for the simple. And how impossible it is to live simply. Unless you are ministering in Africa. And we determined yesterday that I'm probably far too selfish to minister in Africa. Which leaves Hawaii.

 You see how completely ALIKE the two are. And how obvious the answer is.

Of course if we went to Hawaii, I'd take most of our crap with us. Defeating the purpose.

After a LONG conversation regarding this, my husband informed me that I have no self-fulfilling hobbies.

Can you imagine?

Besides reading, which he thinks is a fallback hobby, because it's easy and that I don't really get much out of it.

Can you imagine?

Drat, if he isn't right.

And I don't even know what to do about it.

What mom has time for hobbies?

And if you have time, space?

And space, interest?


My hobby is vacation. On the beach.

Hawaii, it is.

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Senior Citizen said...

Write. Do a test, go to Missouri in the woods and just write. Hubbs can take his computer to crank out the $$$$. Kids can play in the leaves.

My hobby is going to the woods in Missouri - works for me. However, I need to find that darn coffee cup first - it's part of my coffee addiction. Now where did she (Mrs.) hide it this time. Wonder if she sent it on ahead to Missouri - YEAH. Sr.