Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Boroite

Yesterday morning I woke in a full on panic.
I had a to-do list a mile long with things on it like:
renew Arbonne consultant thingie.
Verify airline tickets.
Print out lists

But I had a list specifically for tearing around the 'Boro.
Return Rio
Return Library books
Deposit money
Drop off journals
LP gift certificates
Beads out
Get school party snacks

So, right around 9, Charming and I took off in the ice storm to get the list taken care of before we got ourselves snowed in.
(The snow just never really hit us. If we got 1/2 inch, I'd be surprised. But that is beside the point.)

First we headed for the bank (thinking: if I start at the grocery store and we get snowed in, I'll be stuck telling my kids "no" until they have consumed NINE boxes of Little Debbie snacks and FOUR cases of Capri Suns. And who wants to do that?) At the bank, I signed several checks, filled out the deposit slip and pulled up to the teller.

Sounds boring, no?

Wait for it....

When the teller opened her little drawer I told her, "I believe you have a $24 check in there for me."
"Oh! I do! (XXXXX) told me (XXXX) didn't know what (XXXXX) was buying but here it is."
I held up the journals, and put them into the drawer. Took out the check, signed it, put it back in the drawer with my deposit, and drove away.

Two things done. And all in the drive up at the bank.

This was Brent's favorite story. But it is not the only one.

There is the one where the daughter of the woman I usually talk to at the grocery store checked me out. I presume her mother works mornings and the daughter works evenings. Sounds really familiar, right Mom? (I decided school wouldn't be cancelled after all.)

Or there's the one where I go to the hardware store to drop of my UPS package only to pull up and find the UPS truck sitting out front. When I walk up to the store, the UPS man comes out of the gift shop down the street loaded up with purchases only to see me on the street with a box and offering to take it off my hands. (I handed it over.)

There's the one know what? I'm going to keep that one to myself, because I don't want to get him into trouble. But it's a goodie. And it ended with me clicking my heels in public.

Love the 'Boro.

All in a day in the life of a Boroite.

Hey! Don't let my fluffy posts fool you. I'm still very serious about combating poverty. Come on over to my 10 for 10 post. I still have three kiddos that need a sponsor. Is it you? I'm so excited at this opportunity. I grew up in a time when sponsorship was brought into question and people weren't really sure they were sponsoring an actual child. I feel so privileged to be on the ground and verify that these kids really do exist and are being cared for. Join me!

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