Friday, December 09, 2011

Thoughts from Wichita

1) I have reaffirmed that I am not a mall person.
2) It's official: I'm too old for Old Navy. So sad. It was fun while it lasted.
3) It's really all about Target.
4) What is WITH the lack of KU stuff in this part of the state?
5) My four year old makes a great shopping companion. I considered trying to harass an adult to accompany me, when it occurred to me that I would then be forced to ask them where they needed to go. Charming keeps up a steady stream of conversation, there are no awkward quiet moments and he goes where ever I want to go as long as we end in the Cars aisle in Target.
6) It is far more fun shopping for a child that I don't know and haven't heard all sorts of greedy requests from in the last 11 months. I highly recommend it. (There are still plenty of angels on the tree at the bank.)
7) Going only five miles over the speed limit qualifies you for the grandma lane.
8) I despise Rock Road.
9) I am always so relieved to turn onto the 13 mile road where there is more air.
10) And, to return to number five: From the backseat:

Charming: Are we still in the 'Boro?
Mom: Nope.
C: Are we in the middle of nowhere?
M: Yup
C: The middle of nowhere still has combines and farms and stuff.

Yeah, kiddo, it works for me, too.

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The Brew Crew said...

I have to agree the middle of nowhere does grow on you after awhile. I can barely stand civilization anymore.