Monday, December 12, 2011


I had a most wonderful experience last Wednesday. I got to see my kids in secret.

They were sitting next to each other.

By choice.

In a room full of peers.

Sometimes I find myself so disgusted with my kids and their lack of respect for their siblings. It is totally NOT ALLOWED in our home, and yet they try it. Every. Day. They are constantly being lectured reminded about the gift they have in their siblings. And they humor me most days and give the right answers, but the disrespect for one another in the car on the way home from school....ugh. I get 17 hours a day to overcome the 7 they spend with their friends and it takes all 17 to keep them on the right track.

I remember being a kid. All of my friends "hated" their sisters and brothers. They were "so annoying." That was all there was. It was expected. It was practiced.

And then I grew up and realized that my sister were the best friends I would have on God's green earth. Wha....?

I don't intend to let my kids waste their years together and figure that out once they are far flung. I would have LOVED to walk into school with an ally. Since I piled so many kids into our family in such a short amount of time, my kids should have built in allies. If they will just take advantage of it.

And another thing: I hear a lot of c-r-a-p about "artificial twinning." So much so that I have begun to feel a little guilty about accidentally doing it. And yet, it appears that I will be accidentally doing it again. But hey, my twins are cute, don't ya think? And they like each other.

It's a gift.


Senior Citizen said...

Great photo of your twins. Only one better - hanging on my dining room wall. Got your email pix of the new upcoming twin... I'll just keep looking for my coffee cup till she gets here.

MotherT said...

Don't worry about other people giving you c-r-a-p. Some just don't get it! There is a minister who constantly makes a point that I only have 2 "real" children and therefore only 4 "real" grandchildren.

I feel sorry for them. They don't know the joy they are missing. AND you are doing the right thing trying to teach your children to value each other now.