Monday, April 02, 2012

40 days?

I have to admit it. My 40 days of solidarity has gone out the window. Who put spring break in the middle of Lent, anyway? And then we were submitted to Embassy and then things went all kinds of haywire. And now we are planning to go back and running around, freaking out about things that don't matter and not thinking enough about the things that do.

But making lentils hasn't really been on that agenda.

I can tell you that we vacationed on an extreme budget.
Except for when we didn't.
Then again, when we paid a lot for food, we were eating at an Ethiopian restaurant (and the pizza joint next door).

I can tell you I had coffee every single day.
And thought about Ethiopia every single day.
But not necessarily at the same time.
And I took my coffee with creamer.
(As do my daughter's nannies, but.....)

There have been a few times when the kids will ask who we are having solidarity with.

My answer is simple: people who eat out of their pantries.
People who are on a budget.
The middle class.

Better luck next year.
I'd say maybe I'll try to finish strong, but my plan for tonight is to concoct something out of the ingredients I found in my deep freeze.
The fact that I have a deep freeze, that is running, with enough food in it to concoct something, kinda takes away from the solidarity aspect.

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