Thursday, July 17, 2014

Artificial Twinning

There have been many, many moments in the last 13 years that I wondered what God was thinking by giving us our eldest "twins." But there have been many, many moments when I have been so glad He did. Like this morning when Princess rode off with Eldest to go to weightlifting and agility with the boys. As if most 13yo girls would have the guts to do that. But with a brother by her side? She's unstoppable.

 When he tells her, "Go change?" Love. It. He actually doesn't have to tell her. He tells the little sister. But sometimes he is confirmation when she asks, "Is this immodest?" I tell her, "Go ask your brother." I can't think of a better judge that the one who shares the locker room with 13yo boys.

These two make my whole heart happy.

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