Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Rat Snakes

Yesterday there was an enormous black snake on my porch. There was much little girl screaming and giggling. I still have the skeeves. But I was a big girl and told my kids to, "LEAVE THE SNAKE ALONE!"
Snakes are gross. Mice are grosser. Rat snakes eat mice. And apparently rattlesnakes.An enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I have become my mother who told me as a child that the black spider on her ceiling was her friend. Brown spiders under clothes, however, die a swift and painful death. Shake a rattle at me and you will lose your head faster than you can say, "die."

My teen daughter walks with me in the morning. My husband walks with me at night. Both provide many moments of connection. I have to talk very little on either walk. Win win.

I think I'm going through caffeine withdrawal as I have only allowed myself one pot a day. You cannot imagine my joy upon discovering the dregs of my morning coffee in the afternoon.

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