Monday, January 22, 2007

Ah, Kids....

This morning my children invaded my bed at about 6:45--which I welcome if they go back to sleep. It is kind of like my pre-wakening. But this morning, oh man.

Eldest is on my right, displacing Frodo who came in earlier but still wanted to sleep, Princess is on my left. I, who spent many words in thankful gratitude for my awesome kids last night after the went to dreamland, was feeling motherly and well rested so I put out my arms in order to "cuddle" both kids. (What a good mom. LOL)

Eldest noticed his head was in my armpit. NOT because it smelled, but because he opened his eyes. Then he asked how I washed them. Are you noticing the "subtle" jab? I showered last night after they went to bed. I know my pits do not stink when all I've done is sleep.

Then Princess joins in asking "what stinks?"

As if it isn't bad enough to be awakened before necessary in the morning. Be kicked and jabbed and footed and poked and breathed on with morning breath and listen to air being sucked through snotty noses just because they don't feel like blowing them. No they have to gang up and comment on my hygiene which, need I remind you, was fine because I SHOWERED LAST NIGHT!

I love them. I love snuggling with them in the morning. I believe it helps us all welcome the day a bit more gracefully. But if you are going to climb into MY BED at 6:45 in the morning, you'd better darn well not start criticizing me.

Hello? Don't like the way I smell? Go get in your own bed. Trust me, I won't be climbing in and bothering you anytime soon.

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