Friday, January 26, 2007

Teenage Boys

What is up with them anyway?

All week I have driven past 3 of them dressed in sweatshirts in 20 degree weather throwing snowballs at the street as I drive by (I'm going to pretend that they weren't aiming for my van).
Every morning.

Do they ever get tired of it?

Do they ever wonder if the same people drive past them everyday and it isn't a surprise that they are there nailing us?

And my second question: Why do they go outside in only a t-shirt? It is really that big of a deal to put on a jacket? I'm talking about a different one now. T-shirt, hands stuffed in pockets. Like it is uncool to cover the arms.

Well I suppose technically it is "uncool," it is warm. Hello!

And if they do put on a jacket (mom must have been standing vigil at the door) it is never zipped.

Ah, to be a cool teen again...

But God has chosen to give me three boys who will be teens. I'd better figure them out one of these days.

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