Thursday, January 18, 2007

Spoiled Suburban American

(Deep Sigh of Relief) Life for me should soon return to "normal."

Last week I had a triple whammy. Three kids with the flu (as if I haven't whined enough about that). Ice storm. Flat tire. No matter what I was staying home. And Hubs mostly worked so I had one shot a day at the grocery store at best IF I could talk him into stopping for me IF he came home early enough to make it worth it. IF.

My cupboards have never seen so much space. My fridge has never been so empty. My deep freeze? Don't even ask. We are out of food.

Except we aren't.

I've managed to provide some meals every day that are relatively healthy. But it has been a stretch.

We are out of milk. Out of pasta. Out of fresh fruit. Out, out, out.

But yesterday it occurred to me how spoiled I really am. I was baking cookies. I had no trouble with ingredients (because I stocked up when sugar, butter, etc. was on sale before Christmas). I have a wheat mill and wheat so we had no shortage of bread or flour.

So many people in so many places live hand to mouth and I'm whining because I can't get to the store for a week.

It was a good reminder.

Thank you, God for my country and the freedom to run to a fully stocked store most anytime I want.

Oh, and I'm still pretty thankful for the ability to buy flu medicine in the middle of the night, also.


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Diane Viere said...

So glad I found your blog--today. Your wisdom has convicted my heart! We, too, are struggling with the winter crud in our house. Running out of everything...still, having the ability to get into my car, fill it up with gas and heading to the pharmacy/grocery store/Target....without a thought of really a blessing. A blessing worthy of no complaints. So while I am coughing and sneezing--I am smiling....thanks for your reminder.