Wednesday, January 03, 2007

And now resuming life...

My poor children suffer from disorganized mama syndrome. I've been on holiday so stinkin' long I'm not even sure I'm capable of parenting again. But as of today at shortly after 3 pm I officially am back on real time with real obligations.

Never mind my kids started school yesterday (no they haven't made it on time yet).

This afternoon I did dishes. You wouldn't think that would be newsworthy, but I guarantee that it is. And it was somewhat fun. You know you have been gone too long when dishes are anything but torture.

I also made bread. And I flat whipped through it. And then we ate a loaf for supper because I didn't have the time nor the inclination to cook anything else. Hopefully tomorrow.

But how bout them Chiefs?

I hear that Vegas gave them 1:161 odds of making the playoffs. How I wish I was a betting girl and had a spare grand to lay on those odds! Though I have to admit that I saw enough football and cared about enough games on Sunday that if I wasn't dedicated, boy, I'd be ticked off at Hubs. As it was I was cheering on those Steelers, 49ers and Patriots. And Chiefs, of course which is all I care about anyway.

And now I'm wondering why I logged on to blog. All those interesting topics I had to write about back in the days when blogger wouldn't let me on...wasted. Hopefully my energy level will return and with it some semblance of a personality.

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