Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Mixed Kinda Day

Today I am thrilled to report that I received my copy of Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini, blogger friend and American Idol addict. I am so excited to start this book and I'll tell you all about it soon. Get a load of the cover. What woman wouldn't want to be afloat on that thong (that was for my 80s friends, for you youngun's you will recognize not underwear, but "flip-flops").

And on the down side, I got rejected today. Not even a real rejection. My proposal was solicited, I wasn't sure I wanted the project and aside from the butterflies I had while I opened the email, I am experiencing relief that I won't have to actually produce the article I offered to write. I lose sleep over the silly things. But I have to say that selling articles before they are written is a lot more fun that writing them and sending them all over tarnation trying to sell them. And probably not doing so....

Besides it is like being "accepted" about six times. I feel acceptance when I get the email that asks for my ideas. I feel more accepted when my idea is actually accepted. I feel accepted when the article I send in is finally accepted. It is super acceptance to get the fat envelope with the contract in it. And then there is the acceptance when the check shows up. And finally....THE ACCEPTANCE when I see it in print. Something I WROTE was worth printing. WOW! So it is a bummer to get the "sorry, everyone wanted to write on that topic this month." Even if it isn't really a rejection, boy there isn't all that acceptance.

Of course with all that acceptance going around, who would want to write the Great American Novel so that a whole bunch of upstarts can sit around and discuss why on earth you were ever published in the first place? One must wonder.

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