Sunday, October 07, 2007

Better Luck Next Time

Last week was not good. It was bad enough that I didn't want to come on and say, "I'm not okay," and freak some people out. It was certainly bad enough that I couldn't come on and pretend I was okay. Therefore I didn't come on. It was even bad enough I didn't go visit anyone's blogs either. My apologies.

But tonight I laughed until I cried. Which I haven't done in a while, so I thought I should share.

This afternoon we took the kids bowling. I don't know where they heard about bowling, but they've been nagging us to go bowling for several months and today, when no one was nagging, we went.

It was a hoot to see our squirts wield balls 1/7th of their body weight, and give up on the bowling approach and swing in order to go for the granny roll. But the ultimate in hilarity was seeing Frodo, who was too tired by the end to even granny roll the ball, haul off and give it the ole soccer kick.

People, I have never seen, nor do I ever expect to see again, a ball roll so slowly down the lane. It must have taken a full minute if not more for the ball to get down there. Funny enough, it was headed straight for the center pin. But it rolled so slowly that it triggered the lane cleaner thingie that swept down and smacked the ball (which was still moving so slowly, it hadn't gotten past the sweeper) just hard enough to roll it back up the lane to us.

Maybe you had to be there, but I tell you it was hilarious.

Yes, I won, with three strikes in a row. And then I came home and banked a dirty diaper off the wall and into the little trash can from across the room (maybe 12 feet?). I think I should be playing the lotto tonight.

Here's to a better week.

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