Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tell Me

What is the point of having the more expensive "quiet wash" washer, when from three floors down, running a load of laundry can wake the baby?

It isn't the washer that is loud, it is the water pipes that bang during the spin cycle.

And no, I can't get the washer any better balanced.


Why I save clothes from one baby to the next when I never like the same attributes as I did on the previous baby? I used gowns for my first two, the third? I hated them and put him in t-shirts to sleep. I specifically bought footed sleepers for Frodo. That is all I saved from Frodo to Charming. And, when I hit a sale while pregnant with Charming I grabbed up a few more footed sleepers and skipped the ones with no feet. Charming Will. Not. Sleep. if his feet are covered. I kid you not. And he's a mighty cranky fellow when he's awake unless his feet are bare. Not even socks. (He gets that from me.)

I am so over saving clothes from one kid to the next. All that Eldest wanted to wear when he was in 5s was jeans because he liked pockets (he stuffs them full of all kinds of junk). Frodo wants sweats. Even when he wears pants with pockets, he hands me stuff to carry. Whatever.

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