Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Have a Fan!

Last night it was grand central station around here. The phone seemed to be ringing off the hook. When an unfamiliar name showed up on caller ID we answered (against standard protocol) as it was local and we expected a local name we didn't recognize (long story).


All that to say that there was a woman on the other end who was reading along in her December issue of Focus on the Family magazine and came to a line about "the single most expensive county in the state" and she thought, I know a bit about that! when she came to the signature line and saw that we lived in the same county. So she called to say she liked my article.

I have a fan! I have a fan! (Or I have someone who wanted to commiserate, LOL!)

After, lessee, seven, eight, articles, I've had two non-acquaintance phone calls. Hubs thinks it is time to get an unlisted phone number.

I'll assume he's joking.

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Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

The wife and I are offended. We have been following your blog for months. It is you and Survivor. So we love your kids, and go to the same church, and enjoy occasional meals together. We are practically strangers. One lady calls about a measley publication and NOW you have a fan! What are we to you?
By the way, we enjoyed you article in FOTF also. Not that your going to treat that as a compliment or anything.